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CAD $175.00
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CAD $175.00 / hour

Super Air Nautique 210
Open 24/7

I have a super air nautique 210, 21 foot boat. Has all the bells and whistles you would expect, Nautique surf system which allows side to side switching and saving settings which are fully customizable. Wicked stereo with full JL system. aesthetically a beautiful boat that has served me wicked days in the past and will continue to. Kelowna, British Colombia (BC) | Okanagan rental!

Deposit Amount (generally 5-10% of value): 10000
Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice
Existing Damages (please list all current issues): normal wear and tear.
Horse Power: 350
Make: Nautique
Model: Super Air 210
Year: 2016
Downtown Marina Kelowna, BC Canada V1Y 0C9
About the service provider

Boat owner living in Kelowna looking to rent his boat for the remainder of summer. I own a Super Air Nautique 210. Its a 21 foot boat with a 343 5.7 PCM Engine. It has the NSS surf system which means it has all presets for wakeboarding, surfing, skiing, you name it. Full JL Stereo to blast tunes while doing every sport or just for chilling out. This boat has served me well over the years and will continue to.

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